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About Coach Toy

I’m a Dallas TX based Certified Life Coach. I work with people who are truly committed to making changes in their lives. I have a passion for coaching and seeing others experience the abundance of joy, healing and forgiveness that I walk in daily. Having overcome the devastation of divorce, gone through the process of grief, healing and forgiveness, I personally know how challenging this can be.

Feelings of defeat, failure and powerlessness can be overwhelming. As your Coach, I walk with you during all stages of your divorce (pre, during and post) so that you are able to triumphantly conquer this season in your life. I’m here to partner with you and give you tools to help you through the process of healing, forgiveness, setting healthy boundaries, transitions in life and single-parenting.

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Why I Became A Life Coach

Having experienced deep-rooted rejection, depression, codependent & toxic relationships, it left me feeling totally defeated. I struggled with thoughts of suicide daily, carried a victim mentality and simply became weary. Deep within, I wanted more out of my life and for my son. I sought after and partnered with multiple Life and Spiritual coaches. These coaches helped me to let go of old ideas, self-destructive mindset, unrealistic beliefs and find the path to true forgiveness. Once forgiveness took place, healing, self-love, and self- acceptance followed. I truly began to believe I was created with a plan in mind, and have been “purpose driven” ever since.

“You were designed with a purpose in mind!”

Through coaching, I discovered how to have better relationships and set healthy boundaries. I was able to forgive myself and others. Coaching also helped to increase my self confidence. I was refreshed and now have a renewed sense of joy and freedom. There was one scripture in particular that changed my perception about every detail of my life, good, bad or indifferent. Romans 8:28 reads “All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.” I’ve always been compelled to share with others the “Good News” even while going through what I considered to be some of my life’s most traumatic experiences. 

I’ve counseled and mentored for years, and so I believe becoming a Certified Life Coach was a part of my God given purpose. I sincerely believe in its benefits and would be delighted to partner with YOU! Let me help empower you to move forward


“All things work together for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose!”

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