Its Okay to Say Yes To You

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It’s Okay to Say Yes to You: No permission or approval needed from others! What a title and full of the truth! This book responded to my questions and prayers on the next phase of my life as an empty Nester and caregiver as to who I am NOW. I am blessed by Toyanda’s testimonial which has ignited a fresh fire in me to begin to live the life God promised me unapologetically.

~Gloria B

Toyanda! Toyanda! Toyanda! You took me on an emotional roller.
I Cried with you, I prayed for you, I laughed with you and most of all I celebrate you. This book is so transparent I read it cover to cover twice in three days. Your Blueprint in life will save a life and help others open decisions and get out of there own way. I Love it.
~Troy Bullock

“It’s Okay to Say Yes to YOU!”


A powerful yet easy read! Vulnerable. Passionate. Faithful. Toyanda’s journey is a lesson in the power of HOPE and the blessings that come from taking the risk and trusting God with the outcome.